Peru climate talks a stepping stone to universal treaty

  • By Marcio Silva
  • 5 setembro, 2020
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Peru climate talks a stepping stone to universal treaty

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UN climate chief: Earth Day should go hand in hand with environmental protection

The world may be close to reaching the ‘day when all is better for our planet’ — and that’s good news in many ways — according to the World Climate Report.

The UN conference, taking place this year in Marrakech, Morocco, will mark the 40th anniversary of the Earth Day movement, which was launched in 1966 by world lead바카라ers to ensure that humankind, not private interests, was the one pushing for action.

Among the world’s top 50 environmental issues, the UN report says, only “climate change” and the oceans, which scientists say are rapidly getting increasingly acidic, are of a much higher climate vulnerability.

A major plank of that plan is a global agreement to limit global warming to well below two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit). The UN’s “sustainable development” treaty, which was signed in 2008, also aims to avoid dangerous climate change, but UN officials바카라사이트 stressed Friday that the treaty is far from a comprehensive solution to the problem.

“The world is not done,” said Yves Smith, of the Environmental Action Fund, an Earth Day supporter. “The Paris agreement just says there are other things that need to happen.”

Smith described COP23, as the international conference from which the agreement was signed, as just the first step of the international process that will determ카지노 사이트ine whether global leaders will move to a carbon-efficient economy, to prevent dangerous climate change, and to prevent a mass extinction of species in the future.

The Paris agreement would “unite world leaders to implement an approach that works, which is in the national interests,” Smith said. He stressed that international agreements are “an open process,” “the best way to go,” which also means that “international bodies must be flexible and adaptable.”

“All that can happen at COP23 is a formal agreement, and no member state can do anything on their own,” said Steve Bellovin, director of the nonprofit, the organization that helped shepherd the treaty’s creation in Paris two years ago.

The UN conference in Marrakech may soon signal a significant shift: A group of top diplomats from 195 nations and territories agreed on Friday to hold a climate conference in 2020 that could result in carbon-saturated emissions cuts as long as 20 years down the line.


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